Our priority at Stancodex is to introduce the rich flavor of coconuts to the world in the utmost convenient way.

From a core business of manufacturing coconut cream powder, Stancodex has diversified and expanded into producing and marketing coconut-related products, FMCG products and industrial-based products. At Stancodex, we are committed to provide products that are of consistent quality. Hence, Stancodex has developed a distinctive reputation in achieving recognition from food manufacturer as a consistent and reliable supplier of quality products.


Our Mission is to be the most respected manufacturer in the coconut industry. We strive to achieve this recognition by supplying products that are of the highest standard and quality.


Quality Assurance

We assure you that our products are of consistent quality meeting standards set by the relevant authorities and customers. At our company, we practiced in order to conform to the guidelines recommended by minimum manufacturing principles as to ensure delivering the products of high quality and hygienic.

Hygienic Process

During the manufacturing process, human contact is kept at the minimal level. Implementation of the controlled system is supported by the state-of- the-art spray drier helps in attaining a product that is hygienically prepared.